106 Scenic Drive, Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania 18435 

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Lackawaxen, Pa.   "Family Fun"   Eagle Town U.S.A.  


 The area surrounding Lackawaxen comprises more than 45,000 acres of prime forest land open to free public hunting. There is an abundance of black bears, whitetail deer, turkeys and a fair number of ruffed grouse. The Game Commission stocks some pheasants, but this is not true ring neck country. Pike County hunters led the state in bears killed in 2002. The many swamps scattered through the forest provide ideal cover for the bruins. Pennsylvania's new deer management program resulted in a huge increase in the number of antlerless deer permits issued. The prohibition against killing spike bucks is designed to promote the growth of more bucks with larger antlers. Turkey hunters are allowed to kill two turkeys in each license year, one in the fall season and one in the spring gobbler hunt. For further information on seasons and prospects for success, call (570) 685-2010.

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